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Get to Know the CEO

   Unêk  has always had an entrepreneur's passion. On October 5, 2019, her life changed for the better. That night, she dreamt that she owned her own company. 

    Unêk immediately began focusing upon what she dreamed of. She started researching and navigating the internet, seeking the unknown of what to do next. Questions came such as: “What would she call her company?"

    Having a heart for others, she had a desire to connect her dream with purpose. She created her original brand, Kê Nu, which is Unêk spelled backwards. Unêk created her own clothing line and later emerged a Massage Spa / Boutique into her vision. Her goal is to implement peace within a nation. The capability to be able to relieve stress from someone is what her passion consists of. While others enjoy a moment of relaxation to regain their peace, she encourages them to know that with hard work, faith, and dedication... DREAMS TRULY DO COME TRUE!

    Believing that anything is possible has allowed her to assist with worldwide events and many of the well-known, such as Fred Hammond, Kim Burrell, Donnie McClurkin, Zarcardi Cortez, Iggy Azalea, JD Lawrence, Issac Carree, Jessica Reedy, Hezekiah Walker, Marcus D Wiley, Tamar Braxton, Cedric Bailey, Irma P Hall, Tasha Smith, Israel Houghton, Karen Clark Sheard, George Wallace, and many more. 

    David E. Talbert told her, "Don't just be good, Be Great."  Mr. Whitfield told her to "Pursue something that gives Greater Rewards."  Her desire is to fulfill what they have instilled into her.

Last but not least, as she quotes:



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