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Some services are not available due to location change. Services will be added upon moving to new location. Thank you for your patience.

Massage Relaxation Spa

15 Min Chair Massage


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30 Min Chair Massage


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15 Min Duo Chair Massage


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15 Min Duo Chair Massage


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15 Min Master Chair Massage


30 Min Master Chair Massage


Hands on Massage

-By Appointment Only-


30 mins


60 mins


Additional Add-Ons


30 mins


60 mins


90 mins


Book Your Appointment For Your Personal Experience​

Call the front desk for additional Body Contouring & Skin Tightening Services.

Gift Certificates are available upon request in the amounts of $25, $50, and $75.

Aqua Hydro Massage

15 min


Relax to the calming sounds of music while you embrace upon water jets soothing your deep inner pains; allowing blood circulation and promoting oxygen, while helping to release toxins in your body. 

Do you get wet? No

Are you fully clothed? Yes

Now ask yourself if you desire to be almost, if not completely free from deep tissue pain. If the answer is yes, what are you waiting for?

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Aqua Hydro Massage

30 Min


Natural Ionic Foot Detox


With Paraffin Wax


Paraffin Wax -Hands


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